About us

The JBMP sees itself as a high quality online magazine and is aimed at researchers, practitioners and students interested in social and economic disciplines. The journal is interdisciplinary and publishes original papers, position papers, research articles and comments from scientists, practitioners and students of business psychology, business studies, media studies and health sciences.

Authors are invited to send manuscripts to info@phptest-ai.de. Articles submitted will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee. Upon acceptance of an article it is published in June/July or November/December of each year on the homepage (www.phptest-ai.de) in pdf and in HTML format and is available to the entire scientific community and interested readers. The magazine accepts articles in German and English.

We are happy to give all readers of this magazine interesting insights into the subject of business psychology and its methodology, and we expect an intensive exchange between the recipient and authorship.

Release Date: June/July and November/December of each year
Final date for Paper: February 28th and August 31th each year

Chief Editor:
Prof. Dr. Wera Aretz
Prof. Dr. Anna Schneider
Dr. Dominic-Nicolas Gansen-Ammann

Assistant Managing Editor:
Viola Beeke – info@phptest-ai.de
Annika Musiol – annika.musiol@hs-fresenius.de

Scientific Committee:
Dr. Ingo Aberleingo.aberle@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Peter M. Bakbak@hs-fresenius.de
Dr. Kim Bischoffkim.bischoff@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Fabian Christandlfabian.christandl@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Christian Driesdries@hs-fresenius.de
Fabian Friedrich, M.Sc.fabian.friedrich@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Claudia Gerhardtgerhardt@hs-fresenius.de
Dr. Frederic Hilkenmeier – frederic.hilkenmeier@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Andreas Homburghomburg@hs-fresenius.de
Dr. Carsten Klöpfer – carsten.kloepfer@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Katja Mierkemierke@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Claudia Schmeinkclaudia.schmeink@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Sören Schmidtsoeren.schmidt@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Klaus Stullestulle@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Svenja Thielthiel@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Joost van Treeckvantreeck@hs-fresenius.de
Dr. Petra vom Kolkepetra.vom.kolke@hs-fresenius.de
Prof. Dr. Ingo Zobelingo.zobel@hs-fresenius.de